Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What a Great Weekend!

Well it's time to write my very first blog and what better topic to write about than our recent guests - Ben Vereen and his band!  It was an honor and a pleasure to host them all and we hope that they will return one day for another visit.  Sitting with them and hearing the stories about Sammy, Frank and Dino was simply priceless.   For those fortunate enough to have seen the show in Wolfeboro, hosted by Great Waters Music Festival, surely agree that it was one heck of a show.  I was truly blown away - what talent!  The icing on the cake was when Ben performed with Lance and Joe at the Inn on Sunday night!  One of the couples eating dinner with us and celebrating their anniversary were able to dance to Ben's singing - what a treat!  Thank you Ben!

That's it for now!