Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Heartfelt Thanks from The Wakefield Inn & Restaurant Family

We cannot begin to express our thanks and appreciation to 2 small, family run businesses who stepped up to help us out in our hour of need, literally, the Poor People's Pub and the Home Away Restaurant of Wakefield, New Hampshire.

As some of you may know, our Chef, Christina Nicastro was due to have her baby on March 4th, well, surprise, Giacomo Dino Nicastro arrived on Thursday evening, February 12th and you may think, no big deal, but it is a big deal when the next day is Valentine's weekend, our busiest winter weekend of the year. I should add that Mom and baby are doing great!

On Friday morning (Friday, the 13th), I took myself, our reservation book and the Valentine's weekend menu down to the Pub and asked for both help and advice and Bo Keating came to our rescue. Bo grabbed his Chef's work schedules and offered up a chef for Saturday night! You have to remember, it's one of his busiest weekends as well. Bo Keating and the entire Keating family, you are the BEST!

Our next stop was the Home Away restaurant where Mike Scala,immediately stepped up after hearing of our predicament AND after working 8 hours at his own restaurant, came up to the Inn to help us on Friday night. Shortly after Mike's arrival, his wife Marie Scala came to offer her help and then their son Dino Scala arrived and Nick and Ashlee Scala were there to help too! The night was a great success, lots of happy customers. Thank you Mike, Marie, Dino, Nick and Ashlee. We could not have done it without you!

On Saturday afternoon, our next “knights in shining armor” arrived from the Pub, Nick McGuire and later in the afternoon, his brother-in-law Morgan Little arrived. They were rearing and ready to go (even after one of them had just worked a full 8 hour shift). We served 2 seatings, close to 75 people and again, more happy customers!! Nick and Morgan were great to work with and we cannot thank you enough!

Seriously, where in the world can you live, where businesses would step up to help each other out like this???? Only in Wakefield, Hampshire!

After being in business for just under 2 years, we can honestly say that we could not have chosen a better place to open our business and raise our family. Wakefield, New Hampshire, in our humble opinion, is the greatest place in the world to live! As many of our customers know, we'll be closing for the month of March to enjoy this new baby and be ready to pick right up where we left off on April 2nd.

Thank you again,
Colleen, Dino, Christina, Nick, Vincenzo and Giacomo Nicastro, Wakefield Inn & Restaurant

Emily, Brooke, Taylor and Jillian, our hard-working and faithful staff

Lance and Joe, our very favorite musicians

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What a Great Weekend!

Well it's time to write my very first blog and what better topic to write about than our recent guests - Ben Vereen and his band!  It was an honor and a pleasure to host them all and we hope that they will return one day for another visit.  Sitting with them and hearing the stories about Sammy, Frank and Dino was simply priceless.   For those fortunate enough to have seen the show in Wolfeboro, hosted by Great Waters Music Festival, surely agree that it was one heck of a show.  I was truly blown away - what talent!  The icing on the cake was when Ben performed with Lance and Joe at the Inn on Sunday night!  One of the couples eating dinner with us and celebrating their anniversary were able to dance to Ben's singing - what a treat!  Thank you Ben!

That's it for now!